Gourmet Rice Krispie Treats

Gourmet Rice Krispie Treats

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Crispycakes this has an 11 month shelf life from the manufactured date.

Worms & Dirt: You don't have to be a kid to enjoy this colorful tasty gourmet marshmallow rice CRISPYCAKE. This unique Crispycake comes with colorful sour patch "worms" placed on a bed or chocolate sprinkles. Now you see why it is called "Worms in Dirt" this is the richest dirt and the best tasting worms you could ever want!  

Confetti: Time to party!!! This rice CRISPYCAKE has the colors of confetti throughout the gourmet marshmallow rice Crispycake. Customers compare it to eating birthday cake. If you are ready to celebrate a special day, or just want a great tasting sensation with marshmallow sweetness and colorful confetti throughout the entire cake

Cookies & Cream: Gourmet marshmallow rice Crispycake with America's favorite cookies and cream generously packed into the middle of the cake and for extra measure, if you want to eat the top of this cookie you'll find one on top of the cake! This is truly one of The Crispery's top sellers! One bite and you will discover the reason why. The marshmallow goodness with rice crispy crunch combined with the cookies and cream added throughout the cake makes this one of the best snacks ever created!

Rainbow non pareil: Treat yourself to this multi colored CRISPYCAKE covered with candy Non Pareil goodness! Crunchy candy balls, marshmallow and rice crispies. Talk about crunchy and soft at the same time!

Drizzled mini marshmallow: Gourmet marshmallow rice CRISPYCAKE topped with mini marshmallows drizzled with rich chocolate making this one of the prettiest and best tasting crispycake. This cake is for a real marshmallow lover!

Pretzel Surprise: Gourmet marshmallow rice CRISPYCAKE topped with pretzel bits and drizzled with chocolate

Rainbow Sprinkles: Gourmet marshmallow rice CRISPYCAKE with bright colored sprinkles on top. No one can resist the fun of sprinkles and these are the best. Just the right size to blend with the marshmallows and crisp rice crispycake. Everyone smiles when they see this cake and they recall childhood days of their mom sprinkling desserts with colorful fun sprinkles.

Ahoy Capt’n - America's most loved Crunch cereal combined with marshmallow and of course rice crispies that are soft and gooey never hard and sticky!

Banana Pudding- A tasty rice CRISPYCAKE filled with banana pudding flavor and a light nilla wafer bottom. One bite and you will surely enjoy the creamy banana taste and the vanilla flavor of those crunch wafers


Key Lime Pie: Enjoy the taste of Summer with a taste of Key Lime pie in a gourmet marshmallow rice CRISPYCAKE